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Stony Point Construction Inc. combines the best local builders, architects and tradesmen to provide you with a high quality and seamless renovation. Our team has extensive experience in Vancouver home renovations and can tackle kitchens, bathrooms, decks, fences, and any other construction or renovation project you need done.

We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley area. We tailor our services according to your specific needs and maximize the value gained from your budget. Starting from the initial design, we can see you through to a high quality finished project.

As well as limiting much of the risk and stress associated with building, we can also save you money by reducing unnecessary overheads. We are independent of any building company, so the information we provide is completely unbiased and focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for you. Why not contact us today for a comparative quote and let our service speak for itself!


A Personal Note from Ardavan:


When we started Stony Point Construction we wanted to create a Renovation Company that was different from most other companies that people deal with. We wanted our company to deliver a top quality product, with projects that we could be proud of. We wanted our staff and trades to deliver a high quality product that they would be proud of. Where what mattered most was that the job was finished right, even if it took a little longer or cost a little more money.

The three pillars that we have built our company on areRead More


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Kitchen Flooring 101

Stony Point Construction's Guide to Kitchen Flooring Even if kitchen remodeling seems like a foreign language, you've probably heard or at least assumed that when it comes to flooring it's hard to argue against hardwood. In many instances that would be the case, but...

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6 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas to Include In Your Renovation   When renovating a kitchen, it can be very easy to focus time and resources on the 'fun' aspects of the area - such as a breakfast bar or creating an open floor concept. Most realtors agree that the...

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The Right Fence Style for your Home

Surprisingly enough, a simple fence can be one of the most versatile features of your home. On one hand, a fence serves as a privacy beacon, creating a border between your home and the street or your yard and the neighbors. Fences can also boost curb appeal whether...

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