It seems that every year has its own interior design trends dating all the way back to the corncob kitchen window curtain design craze of 1982. Early indications are that 2015 is no different so if you’re looking for a remodel or a redecorating project in the upcoming year strike these jobs early or you’ll already be out of style like when you just missed the corduroy slacks phase.

Bold Colours

People aren’t afraid to make a statement in 2015, especially with bold colours. Blue will forever be the go-to colour for off-neutral aficionados and its popularity is higher than ever, but loud yellows and reds are making a push and not just in a child’s playroom.

For Neutral Lovers… Greige

For those not ready to incorporate a fuchsia dining room yet this year’s neutral trend appears to be a mix of grays and beige for what we like to call ’50 Shades of Greige”. If you need inspiration for this design pattern visit any golf course on a Saturday afternoon (wait until the old timers and their Hawaiian shirts and sandals with socks leave though).

The Pencil Cactus

There’s an “it” plant seemingly every year and 2015 is no different. This long and slender plant features plush green leaves atop and is seen as a way to add dimension to rooms with neutral colour schemes. The plant is low maintenance and keeps insects away but does produce a poisonous latex when touched. (one could argue that’s what you get for touching something named cactus anyway.)

Super Sectionals

Large centers-of-attention have always been recommended as a way to make a small room seem larger. Big, loungy sectionals were once considered a nuisance but are making a strong reappearance lately. The sectionals provide a way for the whole family to interact and relax, even if every single one of them is on their cell phone, laptop, or tablet.

Decorative Libraries

This year’s retro trend is books and libraries as a decorative method. It’s kind of ironic since the average person carries about 20 books with them on an e-reader at all times and rarely buys physical books anymore but maybe that tip to nostalgia is fueling the popularity.

Theme-Based Interior Design Trends

Expert opinion will vary on this but more and more homes are incorporating themes throughout their entire house. Some people will say it’s important to have room to room variation to avoid staleness but DIY decorators are harnessing their creativity and their passion for themed houses. Some of the most popular ‘themes’ are recycled materials, multi-use furniture that can be stacked and stored, and the ever popular nature. It appears man cave decorators may have been trend setters with their 79 beer signs in one room since day one.