With yet another weekend of beautiful weather behind us, one ominous chore remains – spring cleaning. The key to attacking Spring cleaning with vigor and excitement is to view it as a positive task and not a negative one. So crack open the windows, dance to the chirping birds, and get your cleaning done this weekend. Here are 5 reasons for spring cleaning:


1. Taking Care of Clutter

In the cold months we tend to gather things and it’s not just pounds around the waistline. With the colder temps and shorter days most of our time is spent inside and when you throw a few holidays in the mix the house can become cluttered rather easily. We want our homes to be efficient when the weather is nice and a big step of accomplishing that is simply to get rid of all the clutter and disorganization.


2. Give your Physical Health a Boost

Until recently, your home was pretty much sealed up for the past 5-6 months and has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt. On top of that pets spent more time indoors so their dander as well as human hair have all gathered in significant piles in carpet, on shelves, on window sills, etc. With the nicer weather, you have likely started opening windows and door to enjoy the fresh air, which in turn may have disrupted these allergens. A thorough dusting and vacuum to get rid of them is key.

Spring Cleaning Bonus: You can burn 374 calories an hour just by washing the floors!


3. Put your Mind at Ease

Having a clean and organized house will give you more time to yourself which actually helps to lower stress levels. Studies have shown that people with more unfinished tasks suffer from depression, fatigue, and irritability. Alternatively, a clean living areas reportedly helps you eat better, makes you more productive, and even helps you sleep better.


4. Earn Some Cash

The family Summer vacation will be here before you know it so what better way to kick start the savings fund than to have a garage sale or sell your stuff online? Craigslist or eBay are great places to sell winter clothes, snowboards, skis, or other items that many people look to purchase for a bargain in the off-season. Better yet, you could put that cash back into your house in the form of a renovation or project to increase your curb appeal.


5. The Timing is Perfect

While spring is definitely beautiful there can still be some rainy days and chilly nights so most people aren’t into full summer mode yet. Graduation parties start soon as do ball games or weekend trips to the beach and all of a sudden, preemptive spring cleaning has become tardy autumn damage control. There’s no better time than this weekend to get the spring sprucing over to just be done with it.