It’s not a stretch to say that nearly every homeowner dreams about the potential of their home and how they can improve its curb appeal. Whether it’s the classic white picket fence with a wraparound porch or an edgy angular roofline with cedar or stone accents, the common goal is a makeover that you can be proud of.

Boosting curb appeal increases market value, makes your home look nicer, and delivers big impact for minimal cost. You may be preparing to sell your home or you may simply want the exterior to reflect the renovations and updating you’ve done inside. Either way, investing in your home’s curb appeal is a wise decision.


Curb Appeal Tip #1: Trimming Shrubs

Trim shrubs for curb appeal

In many cases it’s a wise idea to rip the shrubs out altogether as they can harbor rodents, be difficult to mow or trim around, and fade paint or siding unevenly. That being said shrubs do add some depth to the landscape and can be used to hide pipes or meters. If you do keep the shrubs, maintenance is key as overgrowth turns your curb appeal into that of a flop house whereas finely trimmed and cut shrubs give a palatial look.


Curb Appeal Tip #2: Adding Outdoor Accent Lighting

Add accent lighting for curb appeal

Lighting is a great curb appeal booster that provides both form and function. The lights provide an added level of security and safety while walking in the dark but also give the home’s exterior a unique curb appeal even at night. Path lights help guests find their way to your home and brightens up an area farther away from the home. Deck and step lights serve roughly the same function while wall lights, hanging lights, and ceiling lights create an area to converse. Post lights are another great way to add a unique spin on your home.


Curb Appeal Tip #3: Edge the Driveway

Edge driveway to give curb appeal a boost

The best way to convert your driveway from a ‘slab of concrete’ to a ‘path to your home’ is by creating edging. Stone, brick, or even plants that line both sides of the driveway create definition and at least somewhat deter teenagers from driving through your yard.


Curb Appeal Tip #4: Hardware and Accessories Upgrade

Replace front door hardware

Curb appeal is not always about impressing passers-by, it’s also to rejuvenate your own tastes as well. While visitors to your home likely won’t recognize that you’ve changed lock and door handle colors or added new house numbers, you definitely will and it will be worthy of every penny.


Curb Appeal Tip #5: Paint the Front Door

Paint the front door

Adding a new steel front door is the only renovation that returns over 100% investment according to the 2015 Cost vs. Value report (101.8%). That being said it’s also a $1,200+ project whereas simply repainting the front door (new colour or even the same colour) has a lot of the same curb appeal benefits as replacing.


Curb Appeal Tip #6: Give Trees Borders

Give trees and gardens a border

Much in the same way that edging the driveway makes it look like it belongs, doing similar work to trees turns them into curb appeal boosters instead of ‘something that just grew there. Stone borders and mulch really set off the trees which can also be offset by a small bench.


For even greater curb appeal, consider large-scale exterior renovations, such as new decks, fences, or siding. Stony Point Construction can renovate your home both inside and out. Contact us today for a quote.