In the world of home renovation, the key phrase is that “a little goes a long way”. This doesn’t necessarily mean buy one gallon of paint and keep watering it down until the room is covered, it means even the slightest changes to a room can burst interior curb appeal, at least in your own heart. In this day and age of Pinterest offering design ideas and Craigslist serving as an online garage sale, there’s no better time to be thrifty. These 6 steps to freshen up your home for under $100 shows that little budgets can indeed produce big results.

Decluttering ($0)
Many people fail to realize just how much a decluttering can beautify their room until they’ve let it look like a casting call for the show Hoarders. A messy room, much like a dirty car, actually has damaging effects on your psyche and decluttering not only freshens up a room, it helps to improve your mood. Plus, getting rid of some of that clutter is not only free, you can actually make money at a garage sale or eBay.

Houseplants ($15+)
A goal of any room freshening should not only be to change style, it should add some sort of other value as well. In the form of houseplants they serve as not only a new type of décor, but also help in breathing, deter illness, and clean your home’s air. So kick the air fresheners and infusers and opt for natural air cleaners.

New Shower Curtain ($40 to $60)
When shopping for a new shower curtain it’s very easy to just grab the cheapest one in a bland color – after all they all serve the same function. You’d be surprised though that how much a $40-$60 curtain can really add a designer feel to your bathroom looks that may have gotten stale. Throw in some rugs and a towel rack and you’ve got what feels like a bathroom remodel for a fraction of the price.

Bedroom Lighting Upgrades / Additions ($5 to $30)
To many of us the bedroom is uncomfortable because there’s no gray area in lighting – you’re either staring into the beam of a lighthouse or seeing ghosts because of the shadows of the TV. You won’t be able to hardwire your bedroom for under $100 but plug-in accent lights and changing the color of the bulbs in a few of the lamps can create a peaceful relaxation oasis.

Large Living Room Canvas Print ($100)
For right around $100 you can add a focal point to a living room that will make the area look bigger and will create a peaceful background. The prints available online usually come in sections making them easy to ship and when hung they stretch out to areas as big as 4′ by 6′. Design options are virtually endless but some of the most popular are city skylines or ocean sunsets.

Garage Shelves / Countertop ($40 to $95)
Don’t forget the garage can start to look kind of outdated after awhile as well. A great way to add style and function is by installing old cabinets or a salvaged kitchen countertop. Craigslist is a great resource for these items and although you’ll have to refinish and paint them the total project cost is rarely over $100, in fact many times the cabinets are free for the hauling.

The only reason your home has become stale is because you let it. Change that with these 6 affordable design hacks.