A clean house is a happy house. Unfortunately, the actual process of getting your house clean can leave you very unhappy. Whether it’s stains that won’t come out, smells that get worse with cleaning, or just hard to reach spots, there is a seemingly endless list of cleaning tasks that are not all fun and games. Thankfully, there are household cleaning hacks for almost cleaning job you face – and here are some popular ones.


Olive Oil and a Hair Dryer to Fix Water Stains on Wood

Wood features anywhere in the home (inside or out) are warm, luxurious, and inviting, but those with water stains just look tacky and out of place. A great way to remove stains left from wet cups or spills is with some olive oil to moisturize the wood and a hair dryer to suck out the wetness. Once you’ve got that pesky water stain out, invest in coasters.


Rag and a Butter Knife to Clean Vents

Let’s face it, cleaning the vents is no one’s favorite task, but someone has to do it. Cleaning out vents prevents dirt and dander from repeatedly being forced into the room and breathed in. A simple way to get into those tight areas is a knife donned with a rag. It’s almost better than sliced bread.


Dryer Sheets Air Freshener

Cleaning is not just about wiping away physical dirt, it’s abolishing odors too. A great way to mask body odors or musty smells from a window air-conditioner is by placing a dryer sheet over the vent of the A/C. The dryer sheet will also act as an air filter to prevent dirt and dust from circulating through your air. You’ll have cleaner, fresher smelling air in no time.


Rubbing Alcohol for Microfiber Couch Stains

It’s easy to see the allure of microfiber furniture as it’s very soft, cuddly, and inviting. Unfortunately, there is some mystery surrounding how to clean the material. Since soap and water will leave rings on the polyester, spray some rubbing alcohol on your couch and use a white scrub brush to remove stains while also retaining the plush feeling of the fabric.


Clean Blinds with Vinegar and Water

Blinds are a dust magnet and you could drive yourself crazy if you tried to keep them clean. In fact, you could probably spend every other day keeping your blinds dirt and dust free. Unless you’re Danny Tanner (queue 90’s family-friendly television reference), that’s probably not how you want to spend your time. Instead, start with a mixtures of equal parts vinegar and water. Then stick your hand in an old sock to wipe each individual slat. Not only will your blinds come away sparkling clean, the vinegar solution will also prevent future build up.


Don’t Stop There. Use Vinegar and Water for Microwaves Too

It’s seems that vinegar and water is a magical solution, especially when trying to clean spaghetti sauce off the ceiling of a microwave because somebody thought the cover was optional. Add equal parts water and vinegar into a bowl and heat it for about 5-10 minutes. This steam cleaning process will free up the gunk and make wiping down the microwave a simple task.

You: 1
Spaghetti Leftovers: 0


Wax That… Stovetop?

While Carnauba isn’t your typical household item, the car wax can be very useful in cleaning and preserving your stovetop. Applying the wax just as you would the car not only gives it a shiny appearance but also makes cleaning up food splatter that much easier.


Every Mattress Loves a Good Nightcap

While eating crackers in bed has always been frowned upon, it turns out that vodka is a mattress’ best friend! Mix an airline vodka bottle with a 16.9 ounce spray bottle of water and whisk the mattress lightly to kill odor-causing bacteria that forms from sweating during sleeping or… reading a thrilling book.


Pillowcase Ceiling Fan

Dedicate an old pillowcase to a cleaning tool for ceiling fans. It’s the perfect solution for wiping dirt and dust from fan blades. Simply put the case over your arm, wipe down the blades, then flip the case inside out so that the dirt does fly through the air. Go outside to shake out the dust and toss it in the washing machine so it’s ready for next time.


Share Your Cleaning Hacks!

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