Finishing a basement is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. A finished basement offers both expanded living quarters, which also happens to increase the value of the house, and a convenient area to enhance your quality of living. Besides laying down some flooring and putting a few slabs of drywall up, it’s important to have a plan and be creative with your basement renovations.


Man Cave / Woman Cave Basement Renovations

One of the most popular basement renovations is to take that dark, cold space and turn it into a man cave – the ultimate sanctuary for beers, ball, and buddies. A decent size TV for watching the game, along with some sports memorabilia to hang on the walls are staples. If you have the space, refrigerators, pool tables and dart boards are also very common. Now ladies, don’t feel left out. Woman caves are becoming increasingly popular, providing an escape from the rest of the house to simply kick back, relax and enjoy your hobbies. Whether it’s scrapbooking, enjoying fine wine and a good book, or working on your next Pinterest-inspired masterpiece, the woman cave could become the most appreciated space in your home. Regardless of who calls dibs on the basement escape, let your creativity run wild when you design your space.


Gym / Training Area

A multi-functional approach to the basement renovation is turning it into a fitness area. Rubber mats on the ground are easy to install and resistant to a basement’s moisture and mirrored panels on the wall provide a great way to perfect your form. Weights, treadmills, elliptical machines and more can be placed in the fitness room and a surround sound speaker system or corner mounted TV are also nice touches. Plus, the resale value of a home gym can be high for the right buyer. Some homeowners are really putting their creativity to the test with the installation of synthetic ice to create a mini hockey arena. Imagine a world where you could work on your wrist shot and crossovers without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Kids Area

Ironically one of the best ways to preserve the rest of the home is to let kids run rampant in the basement. By dedicating basement renovations to creating an area for the kids to play, you’ll avoid stepping on toys or risking damage (hopefully) from custom Crayola-inspired wall murals. Basement renovations for playrooms can include creating a life-size playhouse or sports room and special precautions can be taken for durable flooring, walls, and other features. To really make a statement, use chalkboard paint for one of the walls to encourage your kids to add their own creative flare to the space.


Home Theatre

Another entertainment hotspot to incorporate into a basement is the ever-popular home theatre. With a projection screen, ample seating, some string lighting, and perhaps some wall accents, you can build a very realistic home theatre. Take a pass on the sticky floors though. Bonus points for a popcorn machine and milk duds.


Wine Cellar

If you like to indulge in fine wine, perhaps a wine cellar is your basement’s true calling. Incorporating a rock accent wall, stackable wine shelves and some comfortable seating areas to turn even a small basement into a luxurious spot to entertain or just relax. Besides, a great supply of wine never hurts – whether you gift it, sell it or last but not least…drink it (for health reasons of course).