Too many homeowners view their backyard as something that is ‘just there’ or maybe even a nuisance. The truth is, converting a backyard that is currently serving as simply a lawn is a great way to improve your quality of living, boost curb appeal, and ultimately increase the value of your entire property. Something that home owners and renovators should always strive for is to create living space (and value) out of nothing and perhaps the best way of doing that is taking a patch of grass and building a dream oasis.

Depending on how much area you are working with will determine just how detailed your backyard living space can be. A good rule of thumb when adding living space to your property is to work from the house out. With this premise in mind, one of the first features that could be built is a deck or patio that instantly makes your home more visibly appealing, increases property usability, and makes your home more valuable.

Other Features for Your Dream Backyard Oasis

Of course there is an opposite approach to building an outdoor oasis starting from your home and working out into the yard. This is by first installing fencing around the land which has many positive features including adding safety, increasing curb appeal, creating a definitive property line, and boosting privacy. Once a homeowner has built their deck and their fence they can then fill in the space between with plants, retaining walls, paved walkways, a fire pit, an outdoor barbecue, and water features among dozens upon dozens of other ideas.

A Contractor’s Eye

Something to consider when designing and budgeting for a dream backyard oasis is enlisting the help of an experienced contractor. Contrary to what many home and garden television shows will tell you the constructing of features such as fences, decks, and pergolas are really structural builds that should definitely be done by a skilled pro. Creating these structures needs to be done not only with weather-resistant materials that will stand the test of time but also with proper building methods such as putting footings below the frost line and other ‘tricks’ that many DIYers simply aren’t aware of.

Even on projects that may be considered DIY, it still never hurts to get a quick tutorial from a trusted contractor. One of the benefits of finding a regular builder is that they can serve kind of as a ‘family house doctor’ in giving you tips and tricks on such details as what stone to pave a walkway with or whether to build a retaining wall out of stone, railroad ties, or other materials.

Exactly how much market value an outdoor living quarter adds to your home is a topic that is constantly debated among real estate agents. The safest choice for projects is something that you’ll truly enjoy having, looking at, and using, and the rest of the details will fall into place. After all, you’re building your dream backyard and not one for a future buyer.