New lighting can be a great inclusion to any home renovation in Greater Vancouver. Along with improving the aesthetics of any room, new lighting can also make it much easier to accomplish day-to-day tasks while eliminating eyestrain. In the process of choosing new lighting, it is important to take a variety of factors into consideration.

Type of Fixtures
Among the first factors to consider in choosing new lighting are the room where you will place the fixture and the new light’s purpose. Both of these factors will help to determine the ideal fixture. For instance, while some lighting is used primarily for task lighting, in other cases, lighting might serve a dual purpose of providing task lighting as well as aesthetics. Ceiling mount lighting fixtures are often the ideal choice for use in bedrooms, hallways, foyers, stairways, and task areas. Flush mount lighting fixtures are often a better choice for lower ceilings, while semi-flush lights are usually the best choice for medium to high ceilings.

Chandeliers add a sophisticated touch to any space. While often used in dining areas, chandeliers can also be incorporated into foyers, bedrooms, and great rooms. Wall-mounted fixtures, including sconces, can be used for accent lighting, task lighting, and even general lighting. Pendant lighting, featuring globes or shades to eliminate glare, can be used in a variety of areas, including countertops, game rooms, and work areas. Recessed lighting, sometimes referred to as can lights, is often used for accent lighting and general task lighting.

Bulb Comparisons
As part of the process of choosing the right lighting for your home, it is also important to ensure you select the right bulb for the task at hand. Keep in mind that not all bulbs are the same and the wattage of the bulb can make a difference. Popular options for bulbs today include LEDs, fluorescent bulbs, and halogen incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs have become popular because they use less energy but last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Keep in mind when choosing bulbs that the higher the number, the brighter the bulb.

Incorporating new lighting into your home renovation project can be a great way to brighten up any room in your home. Making the right choices can help to ensure you get the most from your new lighting.