We all know that kitchen and bathroom renovations yield the best return on your investment. Not to mention that they are some of the most used rooms in the house. Many of the customers that reach out to us for bathroom renovations feel that their bathroom is too small to ever be considered luxurious. We are here to tell you that even the smallest bathrooms can be both functional and stunning enough to be featured on the homepage of Houzz.

The bathroom is definitely not the most exciting room of the home, but it can be upgraded into a stylish, welcoming and relaxing space regardless of the size. Here are some tips and tricks to whet your palette and get your small bathroom renovation inspiration kicked into gear.


Small Bathroom Renovations With Solid Colours

Many small bathroom renovations do nothing to actually increase the size of the area, more so just simply serve as a way to make the spot appear bigger. One of the easiest way to accomplish imagery manipulation within a bathroom is by painting it with subtle, solid colours instead of distracting patterns. Use accessories such as towels and shower curtains in solid colours to provide contrast and the bathroom will appear efficient and spacious.


Install Small Scale Fixtures

One way to actually gain space within a small bathroom is by replacing the existing fixtures with smaller designs. This renovation actually has a two-fold effect in that newer, compact appliances not only create room they also use less water and can cut down on utility bills. Smaller sinks, vanities, and toilets should be considered as should shower doors that slide instead of swing open and are made of glass or mirror to create the allure of even more room. You can also opt for a floating toilet, which saves considerable space and contributes to a modern or minimalist design.


Floating Storage

Every foot of space is critical in a small bathroom, but at the same time you want to preserve functionality. Storing towels and toiletries in a hallway closet would conserve room but wouldn’t be as convenient for the homeowner. Consider installing floating shelves where there is any excess wall space and a floating vanity to allow for storage underneath. If you have enough room, you could even install a narrow floor to ceiling storage unit for keeping bathroom essentials.


Make it a Powder Room

If the small bathroom renovation is for a spare lavatory, it might be a better idea to convert it to a powder room. You should only choose this option if you are comfortable with the capacity of the other bathrooms in your home. If eliminating a tub or shower would add stress to morning routines, then this is not the option for you. Functionality and comfort should always come first and foremost, with design trailing closely behind. If the tub or shower gets little to no use, then a powder room might be the perfect option. A spacious and comfortable powder room can provide the much-needed space to wash-up, change clothes or apply makeup.