There’s a sort of meta-revolution happening in our society these days whereas famous athletes choose to celebrate a title at a Waffle House instead of popping champagne at a club or people are going retro with flip phones to shove it in the face of the Smart phone crowd. This has extended into the housing market as well with people doing more with less, as evidenced by shows like Tiny House Nation. Along those same lines are the trending renovation into multipurpose rooms to get more out of square footage. Not sure what we mean? Have a look:

Home Office / Guest Room

According to the 2015 Cost vs. Value report a home office remodel only returns about 49% of the investment, one of the worst of any home renovation projects. A great way to almost double that though is by doing a home office – bedroom combo. The two rooms really are the perfect marriage because the items in them are minimal (computer, desk, bed) and you need neither an office or a guest room full-time. A pull-out bed, wall bed or futon creates extra space and a spot to take a break when working on the computer or doing paperwork.

Carport / 3-Seasons Room

One of the best investments a homeowner can make is to expand their living space. Home additions accomplish this but are costly and tedious. Adding a carport on the other hand involves nothing more than pouring a slab of concrete and tying into the house in a few places. You can also make the carport multi-purpose by building a temporary wall and screening off the outside thus creating a place to converse and relax while also having a spot to protect a vehicle.

Laundry Room / Craft Space

There’s nothing more intimidating than a pile of laundry that seemingly never goes away even if you chip away at it all day. A great way to make this task less daunting is to make the laundry an afterthought by creating a craft room (or home office) in the utility room. Shelves or a reclaimed kitchen countertop create great crafting areas and a big table can be used for work as well as folding and sorting clothes.

Shed / Urban Garden

A rotted, leaning shed in the backyard doesn’t have to be an outcast like that weird uncle that everybody has. Instead turn it into a communication hub or a curb appeal booster by surrounding it with pavers, a fire pit, a pergola, etc. in sort of an urban garden setting. You maintain the functionality of storage in the shed but also expand the property’s living space.

Storage / Anywhere

One thing that can be accomplished in any multi-purpose room is storage, hidden or not. People are making the most of their space by incorporating flip-up beds or shelving built into cabinets, coffee tables, etc.


Tip for Multipurpose Rooms – Be Creative

One thing to remember is that virtually any room can be multi-functional, it just depends on what needs you have. You can soundproof a spare bedroom and make it a music room / guest room or you can turn an attic into a media room or a basement into a fitness center. Analyze your needs and room available and create a plan from there.