There is really no wrong way to style your kitchen, but given that the general consensus is that it’s the most important room of your house, it should accommodate your lifestyle and tastes. Each style of kitchen has its own benefits. While a contemporary design may feature minimalist concepts and clean lines, it may lack the function and storage if you enjoy cooking extravagant meals and entertaining. Alternatively, a traditional kitchen might give you the function you’re looking for, but be too plain for your taste, in which case you may prefer something more rustic. We’re featuring five of the most popular kitchen styles to help you decide which one best fits your personality and lifestyle.



A traditional kitchen features soft colours such as cream, white, light green and various shades of grey. The traditional kitchen category covers a wide range of styles, but they commonly incorporate natural wood cabinets, marble countertops and tile floors. Design accents may be inspired by nature and reflect things like fruits, flowers, birds or butterflies. A traditional kitchen welcomes you in and leaves you craving a home-cooked meal and a warm cup of tea.

Traditional Kitchen



Unlike the traditional kitchens, the country or farmhouse style is very specific and easy to visualize. Farmhouse décor definitely has a niche spot in homes and is common in rural areas and suburban neighbourhoods. That’s not to say that you couldn’t incorporate a country design into an urban high-rise, but it works best if there’s some sort of connection there. You should also think long-term about what would appeal to potential buyers in the future should you decide to join the booming Vancouver real estate market. Wood is a popular design material in country designs, specifically if it’s worn or reclaimed like barn wood. Another staple of farmhouse design is wall decorations such as pans, fresh flowers and paintings.

Country Style Kitchen



If technology and gadgets are your thing, a contemporary kitchen might be the right fit for you. Contemporary kitchens are technology-centric with many modern appliances and electronics featured prominently. Light fixtures are often very unique and eye-catching and backsplashes will usually feature some sort of pattern instead of just solid colors or tile. Black and white cabinets are also very common in contemporary kitchens and many homeowners forego cabinet hardware. There aren’t any set rules when you’re designing a contemporary kitchen, but the end result should look modern or even futuristic.

Modern Kitchen



If you decide on a rustic kitchen style, you had better be crazy about wood. Wood is a common design staple of rustic kitchens almost universally. It could be in the form of solid oak or cherry cabinets or hand scraped walnut floors, but wood is a must for any rustic design. The wood décor commonly extends from the cabinets to the flooring with accents interspersed such as stainless steel appliances or granite countertops. An accent wall or some sort of can lighting is also used to highlight the rustic kitchen style.

Rustic Kitchen



Transitional kitchen styles are coming into their own as a popular mix of traditional and contemporary design. A smorgasbord of style so to speak, transitional kitchens include a combination of wood, whites, and an array of modern electronics, appliances, and light fixtures. Transitional kitchens are wonderful for homeowners looking to get a healthy balance of functionality and design. It’s also great for those who are undecided about their specific tastes.

Transitional Kitchen


Ultimately your kitchen style will become a mesh of the different tastes and designs that you find appealing, but it can help to have a starting point. In the end, your kitchen should reflect you – your personality, your style, your taste, and most importantly, your needs.